Thursday, August 2, 2007

Expired anniversary

I forgot about number 1, instead i remembered 11.
Hmmm.. should i say, expired anniversary?
No, i should say, ive shoved it to the back of my pea brains.
And dates no longer matter to me.

Pretty much caught in the middle.
Between Reality and Memories.
One thing for sure, theres no turning back.

Today i reached home before 6 (bare in mind, i left home at 1.30pm) Yea, no one believed i was home so early, not even Ivan. Hahaha.. Super lazy day. Just wanna Nua and indulgz in home RUBBISH.
Suduko-ed with Sweetie Pie - record: 5.15mins.
Had a chat about Stevenlim with sweetie pie too - GOOD GRACIOUS ME, HE IS WAY TOO DISGUSTING~~~~~ he makes me faint.
Had my little long lost nap.
"A walk to remember" as guarenteed by rainiee - Yah, it brought me tears.

Tomorrow is suppose to be a day that i experience something new, but that idiot didnt contact me. As usual, Guys are an ass. Haha.. ok larh, i shouldnt say such a bad thing to my new friend. =/ BUT seriously, guys pisses me off (exceptions to Volleyballers) wahaha..

Haopengyou is going for her holiday, take care and get something back for me yea? :)


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