Friday, August 17, 2007


The Red Alert Hit my Left Eye..
Dad Bought Eye-mo in the middle of the night for me. So sweeet.
The flu bug is here.
And the killer paper is later.
Seriously, _l_ the LAC. Its 18marks for just ONE SHORT SIMPLE question. WTH!


Anyway, Going on Hiatus till Wednesday..
Yea~ Going to disappear from this world and be a BOOKWORM.

Before that, some sneakies for you.
-Dad's Phone for me is wonderful enough. Stop asking what phone im using larr..
-New space for myself at Livejournal.
-Shopping - Bugis.
-Dinner with Wesley at Tsubaki Restaurant.
-Midnight mugging at "ITS MY MCDONALDS".
-Sisters' back from HongKong! Heh Heh - this means something, yea know?


New Song Posted:
Jesse McCartney - Kissing You Goodbye

Just love the chorus....................

kissing u goodbye
starting a new life
now i know that finally i'm done and through with u
u are not the one who can give me all
kissing u goodbye
no more needs to try
now i know exactly what i wanna do in my life
u will not be there
cause we have nothin more to share


Hao Peng You: You know this chorus is referring to who. We happen to be talking about it on msn, remember?
And i guess Rainiee is the only one who happens to know who im still in love with.
Rainiee: PLEASE DONT REPRIMAND ME. I know you happen to see the photos in my phone. Im trying to lead a better life le, okay? But 有些东西就是忘不了。 Hai.
Bestie: Congrats. And Forget me not! Or i will throw you to Bangladesh.


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Come back again on Wednesday.


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