Tuesday, July 24, 2007

skipped volleyball

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO REGINA (jie jie) - 240707
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KAHCHUN (god-kor) - 240707

Couldnt sleep last night again despite the lack of sleep from sunday night.
Sigh~ my brain doesnt want me to dream.
so i ended up PB-ing. Yah - rewatch the last parts.
Finally fell asleep at 6am.
Skipped BLAW, went HRM. boring class. Watch people do presentation -.-Zzz
So yea.. My phone was unusually quiet.

Didnt bring my training gear because Da-Yi-Ma is having her visit.
Just sat at the volleyball court looking at them and talking to eileen.
Really moodless.

Left at 8.30 to get Bala's Birthday cake.
Surprised him at Mac with a black forest cake.
only 11 volleyballers went Mac today. So all 11 ate the cake and it was finished!
Yah - i had to grant the birthday boy's wish to have a small slice of cake smashed at my mouth. LOL. thanks ah.. you made me laugh today.

Tonight's cold wind chilling down my spine.
Like one of the mornings that i missed your hug and had sent u a text.
This time round, i decided to keep this hugs to myself.
You use to teach me to be open with what i feel, so here i am teaching myself again.
"Just be brave, just sms him. Just tell him how you feel" Why hide yea?
Hmmm.. i guess thats how i got the courage to sms you again.
I really just wanted to know how you are.


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