Monday, July 23, 2007

broke up

I didnt sleep last night. Rushed ECD with the worst mood i could have.
The lightning striked my heart at 6am.
Feeling numb and lost, yet had to complete my project.
Slept at 7am. skipped my class for the day.

I was sad when Dad found out about skipping and gave me a big yell.
But i hid under my blankey not for that reason.
I knew this time round, no one is going to rush down for me.
So i gathered my courage to reply that ONE.

Cramps are troubling me tonight.
Phone isnt ringing tonight.
Voices not heard within this 4 walls.
If you had tried, what more can i do.

Tracks repeating.
All thats left are photo memories.
Less than a month.


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