Monday, July 23, 2007


Ever felt that you should leave
because you dont want to go through all this shit again
and hate this guy?

Yet you dont want to give up
because you know it is not the end?

But then again
you cant seem to come out with any solution to the problem.
Because finding back the past seems to be so difficult.
And you just want to create a new future.

No matter what you say, think and feel
you just hope the verdict is on your side
and a happy future could be made.

Its a very cold night..
You feel like dropping down on your bed
You feel like leaving your work aside
Yet its a final project that all your friends are working hard for.

All you could do now is to wipe away the sorrows
Forget all that was said
Try to get back whats lost
And fit in the complicated numbers thats on the spreadsheet.


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