Wednesday, July 25, 2007

bad wednesday

Met Zhiyu and Shu geok after school.
Sat in atrium and there was the BA_COMM singing.
Damn. The first song was Come What May.
They sang it too well..... sigh.
Gers, Sorry for what happen just now.

Shugeok and i went down to 400+ market to return my DVDs and she bought some "rubbish" to eat. Went home after that.
Today wasnt compulsory to work, so no mood, means never work.

Spent the whole night finding people to go out with me on saturday, but seems so disappointing.
Did some thinking... Read back my blog entries (as usual)
i feel better tonight. cause i feel, actually if i do some stuffs, then probably i could save whats left. And whats left would be the friendship we had initially. I dont want to have this "scene" that we cant even talk properly or sms properly. Im glad i was able to show some concern to him tonight.

Spent the rest of the night helping eileen and leng and MYSELF, do the online spree order form. Stupid, dawn wants us to fill in so many things. Make until i very luan too... -.-


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