Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Love heals the wound

You know they always say time heals the wound?

I feel.. time makes us better. Its another love that heals the wound.
Not saying that im expecting another guy to come along now and make me believe again lar, cause i think no one can do as much as he did to me.

Guess he didnt mean it this time. I believe, theres always a space for me to be there for him and he can be there for me. Cause he really understands what im feeling even w/o me saying anything. He's a guy that im sure he will teach me alot again.

If both bare grudges and guiltiness, awkwardness will come in.
And we will never be friends.

I'll smile again when ive saved whats little left between the group of us (cherynn, ccb and xing)

It hurt so much that i didnt know i fell so deep...

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I actually typed a longer one. but i guess i dont need to have everyone reading it, except him.


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