Friday, July 27, 2007

keeping fit

Woke up to find its raining again. I hate this weather, cause it makes me feel even colder.
I lay lifeless in bed, thinking theres no lessons, yet i had to climb out of bed.
I wished i could just lay there forever, curling myself up like a snowball.
Anyway, i just stared into blank space for 30mins before i got up to shower.

Headed to gym with benedick and nigel.
Did lots of abs exercise, less running bcos of my knee condition.
Then headed to canteen.
Haha, i cant believe i sat at the chair for 15mins waiting for my sweetie to arrive before eating.
Because she sent me this after i bought my yong tao foo
"i change my mind. wait forever the bus also never come. cabbing down. wait for me okay. i want to eat. Hungry! lol."
So yea... i waited for her to arrive and get her food because she cabbed down because of me!

Training today was at the beginners side. no games for me, but i had fun seeing the year1s improve. Drop ball was fun when they had the momentum. =) Cheers! keep going, freshies!

No dinner today, all of us headed home after training.

Had a great time chatting with cherynn and rainiee. Thanks darlings.. i felt better.
Esp Cherynn, thanks for everything.

When i was out, you are in. Now that im in, you say you quit.
While looking for the answers, the truth somehow just surfaced out.
And to know more of it, my heart seems to bleed more.
I dont want to hear lies to cover up my wound or your reasons. I dont want to hear more on what happened and what would happen. Now that i dont dislike you, dont make me dislike you like what stanley did. (yah, i disliked stanley for not being straight 4ward, but im okay with him now)
I dont want to go through the same childish shit trying to show how much he meant to me.
If it still exist, it will be spoken clearly. If its gone, then let it be.
After all, the memories you left were only the words you spoke and the photos we took.
The rest of the memories were given by the grp.

To see you suffer, i feel sad, i feel heartbroken.
And to see you happy, i feel alot better.
I know no matter what i say, you everything also dont dare.
I'll just save my breathe on that.


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