Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The last rays of the setting sun painted the streets blue and yellow.
Somehow i found her in my shadows.
And somehow or rather, in your shadows, i saw him.

Everything just fell into place.
Dates, words and photos.
Though memories were not deleted from this square screen
And the clocks held their breath.
But Ive decided they deserve a place in here.

I felt i was strong enough to pick up the phone to dial
And as usual, i felt inferior cause i was only worth a text.
Never had i asked for a chance
Probably tired of everything thats going on.
Probably just wanting to hide my face.
Probably not wanting to hear more, be it excuses or reasons.

My pain was shorter
Definitely less painful to be able to see the truth around it.

Able to stand strong once again and not make the same silly mistakes.
To be hard-hearted and not show my vunerable parts.
To put up my air of self confidence.
And not shatter the last piece of glass left.

I had waved my arms to say hello.
But perhaps, it was a form of goodbye.
It may had bleed, but its dried up now.

Its time to plan my route once again.
To paint this streets in my heart with watercolours.
And you'll never live in my heart anymore.
Cause all that you've left are running through my mind.

Midnight rummage of blogs found myself in more tears.
Accompanied by the lovely song - Goodbye.

Dont bother deciphering this post.
You'll never get it unless you ask me.
Cause if you notice, label isnt the usual.


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