Wednesday, July 11, 2007


OHhhhh My %^$%&%^$%&#!%^*$!)*%^&^ *toot* *toot*
CMA was killer. I bet if i had studied, it would be fail too. cause i dont even understand after the teach went through the topic today. Okay lar, its actually i studied not enough because i was too bothered and SUPER BAD MOOD.
Guess Ivan was really scared of me today.
Tml is another paper!

Anyway, it was great to have sms sweetie pie, talk to JKXJ and dinner with Rainiee.

After CMA paper, I and Rainiee decided to have dinner at Bukit Timah Market. I decided to indulgz myself with sinful food. =/
Frog leg porriage, Curry Beef Rice, Fried Oyster Omelette and Riceball with Beancurd. I think the place darling brought me too is nicer. hee!
Anyway, I really felt more relax after scolding and thrashing out my thoughts, AND OF COURSE gobbling down those food.
I figured that whenever im with Rainiee, my appetite become BIGGER THAN BEFORE. like the size of universe. E.g Holland.V's Sushi Tei Meal. LOL.

While walking to the bus stop, i missed a double decker 157. Then when we were DEEP INTO OUR CONVERSATION, i missed the second 157. Zzzzzzzzz.
Halfway while waiting, this guy waved to Rainiee and said "Ehh... you are XXX's Friend right?" then rainiee was like "who is XXX?" Rainiee repeat again and he said "Arent you XXX's friend?" HAHAHA. Rainiee said "NOooo.."
Embarrassed, he walked off and his group of friends broke out into laughter!
Seriously, i LOL too, Cause that was a LOUSY PICK UP LINE!


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