Friday, June 22, 2007

Is that it?

Sprang out of my bed at 10.45am. DAMN. im late for work. i was suppose to be at work at 10am. LOL. OH-GREAT! called and was told to work 12-5pm. hohoho.. THE BORING HOURS SPENT from 3-5pm. Zzz

Met some troublesome customers. Then ended work.
Rushed down and had volleyball!
For the first time, i was setting volleyball to friends! wahaha... My setting sucks. MASS-DOUBLE.
Ended up digging the ball instead of setting. Zzz

Mcd-ed again. *fattening*
But who-cares! I sweated alot just now~
Stupid GINMIN! used the straw and "whistled" SO LOUDLY till the whole area turned and look at our table sia! omg! so pai seh pls. -.- i was sitting beside him and i was like "OMG! thats not my friend!" hohoho.
Had chattings and planning an outing! We'll be hanging out soon, spending a bomb.

TOMORROW IS THE DAY! (okay.. hopefully, IS the day.)
If not SATURDAY lor!
Going to have long long chats with JKXJ!

Tonight, we talk for almost 2hours. i was happy, cause i knew more about him. But towards the end, he made me sad. =( The things he said, just made me wonder what is he trying to hint or something. Gees. If it is, just tell me straight. Dont make me feel like a dumb-ass. If its nth, then thats good, if its something, just tell me.
i teared, thats how important it was to me.

I blog this before, and im going to repeat it again, cause it means alot to me.
"" i realised, to learn the true meaning of the word "cherish".. you got to really pay a great price to it. And if you ever not speak the words u wanna say till its too late, everything will neber turn out the way you want. Dont always Assume their happy or that their no longer there, ASK and confirm, WAIT to confirm. Seriously, if shes worth the time, spend it on her. =) ""

When you dont cherish, and she walks out of your life, thats the end.
No use crying by then, cause everything will be too late. Too late to turn it around.
When everyone's moving on, no one waits for you. But if you look back, she was waiting for you from the very start.
And now that shes trying to move on, will you hold her back?

Sigh~~ i feel sad for her. at the same time, angry!


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