Saturday, June 23, 2007

Friday Night

So 22nd JUNE arrived!!

He came to holland.V after my work, though he was late.
but as promised, i got what i wanted when i met him! *cheeky*
Saw his bandaged wrist. Gosh~ be more careful yea?

Cherynn came to join us after that at Hogs.
Talked about Jack... then Xing started his Army stories (throughout the whole night!)
hahaha.. cherynn wanted to forbid him from saying anymore Army life stories, but Xing just kept going on. LOL.

Anyway, we went to eat XO fish beehoon. Then we went into Sentosa. Sat around, chat and took a few photos. =)

Im happy to see him tonight!
Im happy that he sent me to my doorstep. At least for tonight, i feel safe.
Enjoyed the talk by the lobby. It was very nice having him standing beside me again.

Dont wanna be hurt again.


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