Saturday, June 16, 2007

Back from camp

Back from Camp and my schedules are pretty much packed now. Work on sat and sun and there goes my first week of holiday.

Took quite a number of photos during.. alot of funny things happened. and i've got to say, i love our sleeping area - Nursery. It rocks man! it feels so home-ly. =)

Gained some extra weights during camp, yet my sister said i slimed down -.-Zzz i think she too long haben see me le. Anyway, Mum knows i gained, so she brought me yong tao fu w/o noodles for lunch. hee.. thanks mum!

Tired shit, yet last night i was playing mahjong =x

Sigh^ i guess tonight cannot sms JKXJ le. working sia...... how to sms. =(
meeting JKXJ next week le! he say die die must meet =p

Jack Enlisted in to NS today! Tc dude!

Im off to work now!!

Pisst! got to really find a day to gym liao. SOB.

i like the way we are now =)


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