Monday, June 11, 2007

First Date With You

Ive got photos stocked up in my inventory.
And Im feeling so Lazy to blog.

Recently, in the night, i went places like Mount Faber, East Coast Park, Science Centre, Marina South Park, Arab Street and Serangoon Gardens.
Our Aim: Eat and Take photos.
The places at night are beautiful!

Hmm.. we didnt do any Bad stuffs like create a din in the public, but we were out for advanture.
Anyway, i saw many amazing things at night. Cars and Bikes Racing. Luckily we got into no trouble =)

I got to go out with Dawn on thurs too. Had a short shopping session. bought a shorts with jumpers *skips*

I didnt exactly had fun yesterday. But i felt very sweet yesterday.
As the night closed in, i felt bad. i mean, i felt sad - 12 June 2007. =(

Tonight im booking in to volleyball camp le. Day NEGATIVE 1. Till Friday.
Hope it'll be fun =)


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