Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Fugging shit. I cant sleep cause my ankle hurts like hell. I swear i did not sprain it again but i dont know why SOOOOoo fugging pain.
With my nose being like this, i ended up still hogging on to my laptop.

Im doing online shopping now. Just bought a Top. (show u the pic next time)
Then im looking at accessories. But havent considered which are the ones im getting. Quite cheap. hehe..

Then im looking for my bear bear! i seriously need a new hug hug. Zhu Zhu cant satisfy me liao. =p So I want a personalised bear. Found 2 shops selling personalised bears. And i want my bear to be a male. And i already thought of the name im going to give it! wahaha! I will get my bear hug hug next month =)
Other than Vivo, Suntec and Esplanade. Do anyone know anymore places that does personalised bear or build-your-own-bear?

i think i should head to bed now. Got work at 10am =(


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