Saturday, July 1, 2006

the song

took my first order today. abit screwed cause after i copied the names on the menu, i didnt know how to find the sushis on the conveyer belt. wahaha! had to find other crews to help me. so pai seh lor. =x

in the morning went to hyss to see the youth day performance! took pictures, but im currently to lazy to upload. some day bahs! anyway, really very nice lehs! the performance was TWO THUMBS UP! haha.. had my ass laughed off.

had lunch with ronald and dawn =D niceee...

Mr lee, as usual, busy. but they look damn cool in hyss uniform. wahaha!

went to sushi tei early, then i and dawn slept at level 2 =/

next week working 2 weekdays cause not enough people -.- hope i dont have alot of things on. anyway, work starts at 6.. before that still can do my work and projects =)

was surfing around~ went to zhiyang's blog. there was a song playing. i was attracted by the male voice, then i was trying to figure out who's voice isit. then i realise is his! omg... the song is quite nice lehs. reaching beyond - zhiyang and teresa sing de. for the 1st JULY 2006 SYF. its nice and the voice is very young and energetic =D



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