Friday, June 30, 2006

training tired

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today was econs lecture. the teacher had to rush through the topic. then told us to faster draw out the diagram. so i took out my hp and took a pic of it just in case he takes the slide off too quickly =D wahaha.. good idea.

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this is Josh from my class. I KNOW LAR. his pose very ugly. but i wanted to catch him sleeping. we were in the library after school.. then he was practicing his chinese chess with the computer. -.- win le lor..

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this peachie yvonne is really siao le. first was benjamin, then druce, then dean, then zhiwei. now ME! she came up to me during BCA class and hug me by my neck -.- then she did this to me in the library, in order to make this picture more lovey dovey, i hugged her back. we were the noisest group at level 3 and we kept GIGGLING!

training today was more tough. due to the "childcare sports day" we could not run on the tracks, so we ran half the campus! wth. i lost my breathe halfway when i was running back. could not breathe in so i stopped and walked instead. heng nothing happen, i faster force myself to breathe in then can le.

then was PT.. and lots of pumping -.- pump until i wanna die le.

tue's pumping training cause me to have aches on my shoulder. i was telling yingxuan, that day go home, when going to bath, i got "jammed" while trying to take off my shirt. then today do so many, tonight sure cannot take out the shirt le.

so she offered to come my house to take off for me.
now that ive bathed, thanks ying xuan =))


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