Monday, June 19, 2006

volleyball camp

im super shagged from volleyball camp and the GERS night out. =)
everything was FUN and tiring.. and i enjoyed myself.
now.... i get my 6280 back le! even happier lehs. hees..

no photos cause i didnt bring my camera. so gotta wait for ppl to send to me lor.

the volleyball camp i missed alot of games cause day one and two were water games. and im having my menses, so cannot play lor.. but i got abit wet cos some "dumb" guys dun understand even after i said "im having that thing." lols.. cant blame them.

day two had abt 3hrs volleyball. one match after another. then i practice my serving..

night time we had movie session. we watched "the decents" wahahaha.. STUPID ending sia! no meaning lor. but there were alot of suspense. btw, it is a horror movie. =)
i screamed my head out when the creatures appear, they were like alien lor. on my right had no one. then stephen was on my left. wahaha.. he was damn poor thing lar, i screamed and grabbed his arm! lols... then i think he also scared, cause he screamed too.. wahaha.. i think i was about to tear his shirt apart. =P

after that we had night walk. it was suppose to go in a pair of ger and boi. but i was too scared. so i had ling na and fukang (vb president) to walk with. hahaha.. we were the last pair too.. the thing started at abt 12+. and ended at 5am. so imagine, i walked ard the school at 3.30am!! there were "obsticles" like, they make those "human" with newspaper stuffed into the garbage bag then make it like a human. then they dropped it down fr level 3 infront of us. omg~! freak me out lar... then there were sadako ghost climbing down the stairs.. and out from the DARK corridors in the block. then we had to walk those SUPER dark stair case and find doll. the last one was, open the toilet cubicle doors. seriously, it was damn scary lar.. i cried at the pt where, there were not suppose to be anith scary at the stairs, but one senior hid beside the stair lobby then crawled out and grabbed my leg. wah seh, i fall down sia. then scared the hell outta me, so i teared abit.

only slept at 5am that night lor.

camp teeshirt is quite nice. although abit plain. but i like the volleyball on it. heez.

through the camp. saw alot of true colours appearing. some revealed to be more noisy and irritating, while others are actually not as bed ass wad i thought. =)

girls night out was sinful. but we enjoyed, right? hees.. we need those things ones in a while lar.

im currently peeling - after effect of sunburn. i think i peel like a skin disease person. and im very black. like BANGLA!!


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