Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Before i do the quiz passed by kexin. i wanna point out something.
my name is
i recently found out that my name is mispelled by ALOT of people. even kexin and binglong also can spell wrongly. i wanna cry liao. not madelene or madeleine... ok?
because of all the mispelled. i kinda start questioning myself, is my name madeline? or madelene? arghs~~~~ RAH!!!

7 Random Facts About Me:

- my name is MADELINE.lim
- im a volleyballer. i love volleyball.
- i love HYSC & NPVB
- ive got 2 dimples =)
- i love TB30
- i love D.A.N.S.Y.J.bloggers [dawn.angela.natalie.sichyi.yingxuan.jacq]
- im super tanned now.

7 Things That Scare Me:

- cockroaches
- MASSIVE ants
- creepy sounds
- being abandoned by friends
- mum turning into a lioness (i cant think of any le)
- dawn becoming a guy (this is crap)
- getting drunk.

7 Songs At The Moment:

- ai qing kang ti
- ru gou you ti tian
- du jiao shou
- ta he ta de gu shi
- wo men xiao shi hou
- emotional
- at the beginning

7 Things I like:

- my caps
- my lappie
- my nokia6280 wib 1G memo leh!
- my turtle pencilbox
- my bedtoys.
- volleyball shoe
- my jigsaw puzzles

7 Bad Habits:

- dozing off on the bus
- keep munching like a house rat
- think too much causing myself to be over-sensitive
- oversleeping
- always being late
- cant sleep early
- spend too much money on myself!!

7 Victims:

uh oh.... find who?!
- dawn
- yingxuan - DO HOR!
- rachel
- ben
- jiaxin
- Fish - i love you ger
- shiling - love you too <3


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