Friday, June 16, 2006

off to camp

my damn bag is going to burst into pieces like a bomb.. i can zip it up now. but it doesnt mean i can zip it up on sunday afternoon when i come back home. =x

just finish packing camp bag. figured that i will have another shoebag and sleeping bag in my hangs. >.<>

to think about it. tonight is the last night im alone at home. i'll be back home to sleep only on monday night. cause i'll be staying over at dawn's house on sunday night. brother will be back on monday. mum will be back on wednesday. and then there will not be anymore flying to overseas le..

that also means that

-no more late nights
-more snacks at home - thanks to mum.
-my 6280 will be back, hopefully without any scratches.
-router problem would be solved - kor better fixed it!
-i'll be having proper dinner and breakfast =))
-more laundry to do, but i think mum will be a kind soul to do it for me. =x
-cannot be so messy with the house le - mum will scream the roof down.

guess thats all. i think the most IMPORTANT is... my phone will be back.. missed it.......... i cant wait to store the 1GB memory card in =O

i think the next WANT i wanna have is - Digi Camera *.*


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