Wednesday, June 28, 2006


i think im seriously sick.. feeling VERY warm and stuff. nose is half block. sneezing all the way since i got home. damnit. skin is also very dry... simply scratch my arm and there is skin peeling off. yes, put moisturiser. im trying.

today isnt my day. had 2hours of lesson, heng the teacher didnt pick on me. got back my meetings result. 8.0 =) happy with it le.

then after lesson went to the library to have BMGT project discussion. i know i was abit lost in during the discussion. forgive me girls.. M*cube

ARH CHEW...**sniff sniff**

had training after that. not on form today. eyes lagging. felt dizzy while volleying the ball. was abit lost again while volleying! wahaha.. lots of pumping today too. but overall, i felt today isnt my day cause i didnt enjoy much. the problem doesnt lie in volleyball, but in me.

went to MAC with the usual gang. no no... is... with yx and tiff plus andee that gang. =X

jac went home early. sichyi is with zitang~ ben and jiaxin went hawker cause jx is having sore throat. that explains why it isnt a gang le.

got home at about midnight. sian sian.. watched tv, online. SNIFF... take the tissue, throw into the dustbin, drink lots of water. now is bed time!


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