Tuesday, June 27, 2006

my first day

first day of school... first day of work at sushi tei.

school was "okay lah~" .. met my friends again! lame shit. lame around. had a hard time in econs tutorial. at there 1.5hrs, not understanding a single bit. then went to the library, met yx they all. sat at one of the cubicles, then started "trying" to understand the econs. one hr later, i finally see some light in it. shouldnt be a problem bahs. just needs constant reading to remind myself on what is the methods, formula and concept.

faster made my way to the bus stop at 5pm. i waited damn long for the bus 61 !!! after i got up, the bus had no aircon. the whole journey, i only heard the aircon sounding for about 2mins -.- what the hell. it was HOT, HUMID and STUFFY.

first day at work. Phew.. got the uniform, not that bad looking, quite like it. got my notepad, but not the billing list. got the pen too.. Hmmm.. didnt dare to take order cause i dont really know the concepts of it. i need more seeing and hearing to understand the working lifestyle there.

i think the place quite small and the working stlye different from coffee and toast. dont know lehs, maybe i was abit "free", so i felt abit sianz. C&T on going then keep talking and crapping mahs. but there, i dont dare. hahaha!

the whole day, i kind of have eye infection on my left eye. its teary and there are slight veins that are red.. im thankful that yvonne bought me the solution, i hope it will help, cause my eye is hurting whenever i blink.

having sore throat too.. choke myself with strepsils and herbal sweets today. ARHS!!!


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