Sunday, June 25, 2006

busiest sat

worked on sat. 10am-6pm. almost wanted to kill myself there. had to keep myself calm and quiet. it was too busy, too messy. had to be calm and shout order. joseph kor was definetly stressed up too. GSS made the crowd come in like no ones business. *shagged*

my cousins and aunt came to visit me. but too busy to really chat. hees. sorry.

after work, went to changi with chyi and jac to welcom zitang back! wow... he's back. still same lar. no change. haha.. and i happen to find out that, the "dawn" he was mentioning about was "dawn choo" my primary school classmate. so qiao sia. they same school >.<

came back at midnight. mum was darn worried. called and called ~~~ -.-" then i bathed, she cooked noodles for me. after that, i transfer songs to her new ipod nano. haha.. thats her new toy.

haish... its a nice chat tonight. no burden in that conversation. now u know what i mean by ive changed. u changed for the better bcos of me, but i didnt. i know u are happy now. go on with ur life. i dun wan myself to drag u down in ur life. ive alrdy lost my place in you. yarh, u shouldnt have asked so much.

no.... maybe it was a good thing u asked.


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