Monday, June 12, 2006

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YES. the hat i bought!! nice?

friday went back to hyss for 50th anniversary ceremony.

gosh.. the npcc guys wore No.1 uniform.. ewww.. shuai!!

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i know i look darker lar.. but.. bo bian. sentosa rocks!

saw alot of my friends. was on the same table with fellow councillors and some 4e1 gers/guy. had fun chatting. i can say, we were the noisest table lar. didnt even listen to mr lim boon heng talk lar! -.- then we kept catching our junior waiter/waitress attention so that we could have a drink! lols..

i was very sad that i didnt had a chance to tok to mr lee. i think im going to kill him! really going to kill him. he left the school early!!!!! *grumbles* how can he.... sob.

after the whole thing. went mac with gang and alicia. they ate. after that, jon and jiesheng accompanied me to eden to see doc. i had a stomach infection. and it still seems abit screwed now. =X i will take care de... =)

jon walked me home cause it was almost midnight le. thanks.

sat during work, the kuku espresso machine water tube burst. and the water gushed out onto me like no ones business. f. my uniform was wet!!! and we had a hard time trying to dry the place and stuffs again. $%^#$^#%& wonder wad happen. we didnt touch it also lorhs.. -.- JUST sway.

Ray send me home after that, cause he also after work wanted to go his cousin house. thanks. =)

today went out with dawn they all, i saw dean, benedict and ryan kor. cool... stupid ryan kor went to say something to his friend and his friend wanted to meet me. heng i was on the way home le. met someone after that. *sigh* take careeee....


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