Friday, May 12, 2006

Vesak Day

its vesak day today, and its also the day i should take a good rest. sigh^ ive got so manay projects and to be honest, ive got no idea who is in my project grps/ i am in whos project grp le! i think in total got 5 projects le. =/ i know got a few projects is the same group of people. but no matter what, i think i am always with shiling darling. wahaha! cause we happen to always sit together in class. >.<

having a slight flu. ~terrible~ but im sure i'll be okay ltr, after drinking more water! hehe.

i love thurs lessons. cause its econs lecture and computer application workshop. its like JUST USE LAPTOP do the stupid excel. haha! then chat on msn, listen to mp3. then go to canteen and buy snacks up. =X

had stupid things going on when dean started calling my name and saying "nth" -.-Zzz felt like slapping his face. im going to do the same thing too!
after BCA, went to canteen and discuss WCOM with members. had a great headach trying to think of interview questions. then met king kong and larry de bird der. wahaha! they 2 like super slack sia.

yx, chyi and jac came to meet me, then we got change and went for volleyball. PT was tough. i think it was the running that killed us. i totally pushed myself to the limit till i almost felt like vomiting and my face was RED like a monkey's butt. guess, Ray and Nich was pretty worried i would fall to the ground. >.<>

had the chance to play match with the seniors. and the bet was "sugarcane water" wahaha! the guy in my team - dunno his name. was funny too.. haha.. heng we had the very li hai spiker in our team, if not i think we would had lost quite badly. but at the end of the day, we didnt treat them sugarcane water. cause we went off to market first and there were quite alot of people there le. as usual, max and tiff had their funny jokes and actions for us to laugh.

oh.. ive got to touch on this. just in case, some of you all from TB30 knows about the laughter going on between, shiling, yvonne and me. please treat it as a PURE TOTAL joke. theres nth between yvonne and him~ i was quite afriad that he would be angry, so i msned him and told him not to take it too heavily. heng he understands! haha..


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