Saturday, May 13, 2006

sat in school

went for amb with yx today, felt that i didnt perform well for it. after the whole thing was over, i thought back and i felt i kind of screwed things up. =/ haha.. i hope the interview would be a good time for me to get things back on track. *winks*

after everything, i accompanied yx around the school to take photos for her project. wow.. i think the school's library on sat is a very nice place to study.. its very quiet and there are plenty of seats you can find. Hmmm.. we seriously think that its time to get SOME work done~ wahahaha! we keep saying we need to study because we really havent studied that bit of it. it makes us feel super guilty too.. =X weixuan offered to coach me in econs chapter 2 if i dont know! =D

headed down to jurong point taking 154. wah lua... super long journey.. or perhaps, the bus moved super slow... by the time we reached jurong point, our mood was down and we really felt lazy and tired. yx had to post a letter then we headed to TS to buy vcd and dvd.
made our way upstairs and she rented vcds for her family. thats very nice of her.

we went into comics connection and saw the whole series of "full house" comics! omg... why didnt we see it earlier, then can get for jac as her birthday present. i bet she'll love it. hahas!
we searched for volleyball comics. then found one set that has 5books and each cost about $8. quite a reasonable investment, so yx bought it. proceeded down to get LJS fries!

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had super great cravings for it. and that was my lunch.
the bus ride spoilt our appetite

went to library to return books and then tour around. hahas.. i really very long havent go jurong point and the library le.

saw this very nice wall painting..

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made our way home after that.

went for a run just now. just a very short one to sweat and think of some things.

alot of people have been asking me if i have made any enemies to anybody, but to be honest, i am really not sure. but what im very sure is that i didnt insult anyone verbally or say such nasty things to anyone before. no F-ing here and there. okay, probably my face is just the problem. but its year 2006 le, face no longer matters in the world of friends. get a life. i bet there are better things out there then finding my blog and spamming it. this is the space i registered to blog/put whatever i like and i dont have to get the authority of anybody if it doesnt offend anyone. i am also certainly sure that having faces of my own around this page, is almost "tian jing di yi" and nothing wrong about it. dont like, go away or keep quiet. like, tag or just keep quiet too. guess the flamers should be a group of known friends bahs, or maybe the same person. i definitely dont know who is cherie. but i admire her cause she got the guts to state her name-be it true or false. i just hope everything will turn peaceful again.

ive never admitted that my english and vball skills are good. ive met stronger people out there. the way i got my ass into np's business is through O level results. no cheating, no shortcuts, no JPSAE too.


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