Thursday, May 11, 2006

a good chat

felt super guilty in the morning cause i overslept and missed the time to meet shiling - my classmate.

it all happen when i woke up at 6am to take flu medicine. after that, i was so knocked out that i didnt hear my alarm ring at 8am. -.- was suppose to meet shiling for discussion at 10am. but when she called me at 10, then i woke up =/ lesson was from 11-1pm only. felt really relunctant to go cause its a waste of time. but shiling forgot to bring her AC, and she was going to use her notebook. so i felt, if i go with the AC, its like the only way i can feel better. hehe.. faster got changed then rush to school le.

as EXPECTED, the class taught nothing! the teacher was like living in the world of his own~~~ kept peeping at shiling's notebook then had those small laughs here and there with her. then i kept winking at keatwin. =P bo liao.

just as i thought my day had gone to waste, yvonne changed it! =D

i was really glad that she was being so honest with the class stuffs. anyway, i just hope that as the days go by, she'll be able to have a reason to look forward to classes. i mean, i just want her to enjoy. probably have even more BIG MAC laughs with i and shiling! =x
had really a great time talking to yvonne and FISH~ haha.. careless FISH left her phone behind. heng, we discovered. if not, i think she'll be crying by now. >.<

then met yx to go home together. had even more talks here and there~

got home then lock my room and went to sleep le. tired tired tired.

woke up then went online to chat with dean. wakakaka.. another good chat with this punk. i think he is just like a durian, fierce outside, but pretty soft inside. >.<>

darn. just got an sms from yx.. OH NO!!!! i thought IVP would be still a LONG LONG way. but its only next week -.-lllllll should we go? alamak, i wanna go do work le. dun wanna think more!


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