Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tag messed up

super tired and restless now. cant think too. brain clogged again! haha..

Jac and chyi joined in the training today.. yeah^

waited at the complex for vball training. was very sad when it started raining. np doesnt have an indoor court, and i thought it was going to be cancelled or something. but..... the seniors found the magnum training ground for us to practice! president (dunno his name) spiked us, then we did volleying for about 600 times in groups? haha!! it was a very nice amazing thing we did. had falls and saves here and there. then magnum came and wanted their grounds back, so we continued PT-ing. more aches on my butt bone due to the sit-ups. =/ then was dinner time for us!! wahahaha.. had dinner at market and dragged my way home.

heng tml only 2hours of tutorial =)

next, i think i really gotta touch on the thing that is happening in my tag board. ".." apparently hates me. *sigh* got to admit that i am not angry but really sad. i mean, who wont be, imagine this peep who is maybe your "friend" that u know, insults u like this.

like dawn say, i really admire her persistency in tagging. and i wanna really think "Noone" and "Anonymous".

as for "f---fu----c--k" .. i can only say i dont look g.a.y. but u may say i look l.e.s .. im fine with it.

as for ".." , i know i dont look pretty. and i dont feel sad about it. cause god made us this way. admit it, not everyone is pretty and slim right? now the point is, u gotta love urself for who u are. and i choose to love myself by collaging my photos and blogging. - i think it doesnt concern u anyway.

next, i went for magnum training was cause i wanna expierence something NEW, but not to fly. thats a dumb thing to say. u dont "fly".. u jus get thrown up.
y am i in np? cause np chose me and you. i wish i could be the next tammy, cause her video is also viewed in overseas, but i think i wont have her guts to do such a thing.
i dont need a blanga to want me.. i can live myself, alone. or maybe, turn into a les.
i may-be an insult to my frens, but if they dont feel it this way, then why should i explain further? btw, everyone sure wants an extreme makeover, but it only depends if u're lucky anot. but even if i have one, i bet u still find me ugly and being a tree trunk.
about those shoes, i admit i am cheapskate. i bargain, but is that a crime? not everyone is rich. sad to say, i am the poorer one. who dont want branded stuffs? but many are constraint by the money factor mah. bo bian.. i am poor, so i buy fake stuffs.
insult my body all u want, but i think u should really reflect on the words that indirectly apply to those who really have a bigger size body compared to me. if im ugly fat tree trunk, then what are they? stop being immatured, u should get alife.

maybe i should too.. cause i think i had too much time. so i decided to reply most of ur tags. =)

these process has cheered my up very much!


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