Saturday, May 20, 2006

results of selections

Have been missing the past few days. i wasnt exceptionally busy with school stuffs, just that, i have been volleying the past few days, and more volleying through the weekends! *whistles* im simply addicted to it. Today was the IVP selection (school team of np) for volleyball. yeah! yx, sc and jac got in, Congrats! hehe.. can see that sc really wans it badly. while yx seems stuck in the middle.
as for me, i didnt get selected. expected bahs. cause even if im in the 8, its impossible to be in that TWO. -.- plus, there are too many secondary school players. and me, just a player who plays for leisure. the IVP girls just told us to spike 2balls then decided le. >.<>

next, amb results were also out today. gees, really unexpected that i couldnt make it through for the officer interview. yeah~ i know can try again next year, but next year i am second hand goods le lehs, who would want me! wahaha.. i need more things to increase my cca points *thinks hard*

darn, i thought i could hide my little secret. but shiling just said it out in cbox! wth..

yarhs, i pon Maec lecture.. i know i shouldnt, i cannot and shiling plus zhiyu miss me. but lao niang really was too tired mahs!! 2hrs only.. luckily keatwin lend me notes. =/ wahahaha.. she's my darling too.. she is super nice, cause she lend me notes lor. thanks... hmm.. but that day i really wanted to go and i did ask keatwin to bring BM notes for me lorhs.. but, i still couldnt crawl outta my bed. =/ hahaha.. sorry lar.. treat u all "dao hui zui" =D


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