Friday, May 26, 2006

my back hurts

like shit.. i just did my poa quiz and i did VERY badly. -.-" wonder whats wrong. think i need more understanding in DEBIT and CREDIT. F. everyone did well lor.. while me, 15/30 -.-

training as usual for thursday. and its HUIQI's bday.. we had a little celebration and she cried. eww..
my gang didnt go for training today, and ive really got to understand them cause they are really tired over the IVP trainings le. =) had my time crapping with tiff, fan and ben. =/ i and tiff volleyed the ball 300times w/o dropping lor! omg >.< amazing sia. haha.. then i felt that today my digging is better. but my spiking was *pui* i think fukang wanna kill me for my hand bending le. lols!

after training, tiff went back. fan,karmen,ben,jx, ray and i had dinner together at clementi. had "dumb" laughs again and said jokes. eww.. if ben didn't mention this, i wouldnt have even notice, today's training is the last one for this term. it will only resume A MONTH later lor! OMG! i cant wait for bonding camp. gotta ask xuan they all to get the forms ASAP too..

im having a bad backache.. darn. painful.. i need my bed. =/

later, friday night, going to stay over at Jac's house. hehe! dogs! loving them.

Oh... its BEN's birthday!! happy birthday "Little hair" Ben.. stay happy wor! although only know u for a short time, but i think its still a good thing that i, this fren shld wish u happy birthday mahs. *smiles*


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