Sunday, May 28, 2006

Jac house stayover

Had a wonderful night with yx and jac. played with the dogs. it was a sad thing chyi had to leave early. but we had a great meal of the spring chicken right? hehe.. YUMMY! delicious sia.. thanks to jac's mum.
rented vcds at jp before heading to her house. then after eating we watched 40days and 40nights together before chyi left. wah lau.. damn funny on the graphics lorhs.. hahaha..
then past midnight, we decided to watch the ladder49. first 3mins, yx fell asleep le. then 40mins ltr, jac fell asleep. i was the last pillar left standing and i was lying inbetween them lor. the show was very sad and touching which made me cry eventually. then i found myself crying in between TWO sleeping beauties lorh.. wahaha.. DUMB. i faster wipe my tears, off the player and went to sleep. got outta bed at 12pm. then jac's dad bought food for us. after eating, i faster rush home and got change. got to work and today was a VERY busy day. all thanks to philip bring the cleaner away to SP to collect the toast -.- wth, we had to wash the plates and the queue kept coming till we got not enough ppl to keep the plates outside lorh.. we were SO SO SO angry with philip lor..

joseph and philip treated us KFC. wahahaha.. yummy! we had LOTS of food today. this group of crew sure gonna grow fat as this rate. XD

came home, wrote a email to my sis, bro and mum.
just in case u all are thinking y i am doing this. it is because, mum working, bro went japan. sis is married. this will summarise the rest of my story.

"WARNING: this is a bo liao email. most probably only jie and kor will read. think ma will be too busy to read this story. but, ITS TRUE.
sob sob.. the night kor left the house, a flying cockroach invaded my room. i attempted to spray it but i jumped onto my bed. then i closed my room door and went to pa's room to sleep. next morning, pa say cockroach not in my room le! uh oh! where did it go? still remains a mystery..
then today after my work, i went home. i stepped into the kitchen and there was a cockroach again!! ( i am starting to hate them to the core) i turned my back and took the Baygon. when i turned back, it went missing AGAIN!! -.- i just started smoking the whole kitchen area, hoping it would crawl out and die infront of me, so that i know its DEAD. but...... it didnt come out. =(
why liddat.. when kor is around, no cockroach come out. when kor is not around, all the cockroach come and find me le! sob sob.. dad is going to bintan on sunday and wont be back for the night. bless me and pray that i would be ALONE at home, without any pest. if not one day i'll be chased out by cockroaches le.
i SMS jie lorh, but she nvr reply.. dont dare to call her house, later she sleeping le..
mummy and kor kor faster come back. then no cockroach will find me. jie no need to faster come back, cause she also scared of cockroach! wahahahaha! byeee... "


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