Thursday, April 20, 2006

tired and sick

currently in bed blogging.. yarhs, its late. and my eyes are tired, but i cant sleep. partly cause of my nose. sigh^ im having flu again.. and my box of panodol flu tablets has finished. =/ guess i need to get them tomorrow.

this morning woke up pretty early and went down to np for the second day of orrientation. i think today feels more like a team day. saw everyone cheering. then lucky got Pei Shi also very enthu, so i not so left out. haha.. i think our whole team of blue shirts seems to be most low profile de.. =P

nvm, i think i did my best le bahs..

reached home and got bathed. called dawn and we chat on the phone for 28mins. haha.. i think break record. cause we never chat for so long on the phone before lorhs.. then she reminded me to intro her shuai ge-s.. iyohs, no need i intro also got shuai ge take number from her lorhs!! =D

this sat going her house!

next week start school le.. so fast. Os seem to JUST past lorhs..

feeling abit sad now.. xin you dian suan.. at least i know what i am still feeling. but i cant be the madey i use to be when i was with u.


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