Wednesday, April 19, 2006

first day of orrientation

decided to blog late today, before i sleep cause i found that i was pretty packed the whole day. =/

morning woke up and prepared myself to go for BAoc for BS. turned on my lappie, and chat with my sister for awhile on msn. then checked my mail and saw mum email me saying that my food looked delicious!! haha.. guess what i did?

i cooked my dinner last night, by throwing in vege, eggs and etc in the udon and then i took a pic of it and sent it to my sis and mum's email. wahahaha.... they say quite nice lehs.. =p
as i reached np, i saw weiqiang. then chien hock called and told me he saw me. and said i look very "zhua" (i not sure whats the hanyu but el meaning is like proud).. i was like -.-ll "NO... i am late~~" lols..
quickly made my way to canteen one, and i saw Fabian they all, but i decided to sit with Pearleen, my leader. felt pretty weird when everyone started to join the group. okay larhs, the girls were very nice to chat with. and i was not turned off when they spoke to me (good sign).. soon, we manage to find more topics to talk and chat with some guys too.. haha, glad that my group has guys with high EQ lorhs.. if not sian liao!

proceeded to convention centre to check our tutorial classes. sian again~ im in class 30, anyone same as me?? my class number is so big lorhs.. qiang and hock also different class. hahas..

sat in the convention centre and listen to all the BLAR BLAR BLAR talks. then went to exam hall to do cheers. erms.... i think i sucked today. as all my friends know, i've a pretty loud voice, esp come to singing and cheering =X but today super pai seh lor! my group guys too "introvert" le.. barely heard them shouting, so i as a girl, also "introvert" abit lorhs.. hahas!! but it was a good thing that i found out my group got girls playing floorball, netball and etc. =) sports! tomorrow is sports day too.. wonder what are we going to do. arghs~ i hate running though~

everything ended, and i was preparing to go and meet my dad and brother at westmall. dad is going to buy a phone for me under his extended line, but he haben tell me whats the limited cost price lehs.. =X thinking of getting back K750i cause k800i is very expensive, but nice!

anyway, it started to rain freaking heavily!! sob.. cant go home le..

hui xin, wini and i were choosen to take part in the performance. i was "anything" de.. but after we waited for an hour in a classroom, doing nth, we decided to leave le..
when huixin and wini heard that tml must stay till 9pm, they also back out le.. sigh~ i dont want to be alone. so i backed out too.. but im feeling kind of guilty now. cause pearleen was disappointed. and the other awaodori leaders seems pretty disappointed in the overall cheer. so i felt super LOW again.. ehs.. partly cause i dont want our group to be "boo-ed"/looked down/last in the whole BS. =x

came home, surf the net then chat with hock, qiang and weixiang.. we checked our timetable and i think qiang one is the better one cause his class only start at 11am.. -.-" mine is 8 -.-"

had to entertain si chyi cause she just receieved her lappie too.. so it delayed my napping time. only got to catch an hour sleep then woke up to watch tibi le..

as i un-hibernated my lappie, i was so shocked! cause my msn was flooded with people adding my msn contact! O.O i was wondering where they got my msn lehs.. then jun wei, my another leader told me he was being efficient and spreaded our msn contact! wahaha... no wonder. crapped around online with the seniors along with xiao ling, then the leaders told us to cheer louder tml.. *double sigh* i know~~

last night was on the phone with charles kor kor.. hmmm.. i think i attended an important lesson from him. not to trust people easily. and to really believe in every hope that u still have. i really pray that he would get this over soon.. take care.


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