Friday, April 14, 2006


Feeling weird today, cause i am doing things that i am suppose/not suppose to do..
hmmm.. how should i phrase it?
thinking about what i did today..... makes me feel weird.

first is that i am emailing my mother.. we pass msg that way. haha.. i havent chat with my mum online before lorhs.. not even a mail. -.-" and she can nag at me over the email too! -.- she'll be back this weekend =))

then chyi came my house this afternoon for a shortwhile cause she was early for the meeting at hke with jac and yx. we only got there at 1.30pm after that. hees.. yx waited for us. then we waited for jac.

makan le then went back to sch.

ran outside the school one round for our warm-up. the worst thing that happened was that i was having a terrible, and i mean TERRIBLE stomach cramp. =( my da yi ma visited JUST THIS MORNING. wth.

*sigh* after doing stretching, i bui tah han faster take a sit. luckily jac, yx and chyi went to mama shop help me buy panodol extra. then the pain subsided. *heng*
so my training continued, and i hurt my thumb. =( it bled and i stained my shirt. this sucks, cause i am having blood stains "everywhere". lols..

went to 400+ coffeeshop to eat homemade noodles. had some relationship talks with the other girls.. *sigh*

came home, i mugged on my lappie for hours! hahaha.. and i can say now my laptop got all my songs, some of my photos, adobe and... Maplestory.. hahaha.. maybe im going back to play le. =/

one thing i didnt do today, that i am suppose to do, is to wash the clothes. =X not my fault lor! my brother came home SUPER late, past midnight, so i decided not to let the washing machine run anymore. but here i am blogging. =p cant be blame, i love my laptop, cause i can use it ON MY BED!!! wahahahahahaha!!!!!!


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