Thursday, April 13, 2006

My laptop

OMG! i got my laptop le.. and i also got the orrientation grouping that i would be in on monday.. =)
sad to say, BS is so big, so no other courses are combined with us.. so it seems that jac and yx would be different timing as me le..

currently blogging on my laptop.. wow~ i love my laptop sia.. its not SUPER LIGHT, but i think the weight is okay and i simple love typing on the keypad.

BUT, like what old jonathan said "at the beginning, you would treat the laptop like a bao bei and keep using it, after a few months, the laptop stands almost the same place as your desktop. one good thing about my laptop now is that, there are umpteen of space and Adobe photoshop CS2 would be installed. that also means more blogging =)

but one bad thing about this DELL lappie is that, it came w/o a "menu book" -.-" ive got no idea what some buttons are for.. and i think, the battery cannot detach out right? -.-??

after work today, went down to chinatown to buy my shampoo, then rush back down to bugis to meet chyi and dawn. dawn today having flag day lehs, actually is the WHOLE SP. -.- siao lehs.. morning i go work got people meeting at cityhall mrt station le.

we walked around, and shopping started AGAIN. *sigh*
currently dont have the photos ready, but i bought a mickey mouse bag, a pair of shoes and 6pairs of earrings at the price of 10 dollars.

its the last day of work in the weekday morning shift le. had to say goodbye to some of the customers. hais.. shall miss the guy who delivers the eggs. then the one who buys eggs and kopi, but will insist in eating the eggs w/o kopi, even when he is late. then the kopi and kopi-0 lady.. many many more who works in suntec and along citylink mall. =(

got to sleep le.. tomorrow going back hyss for volleyball training. its exercise time!! =D

hope to see anson mei and the gang.


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