Tuesday, April 11, 2006

my hair

sat went to marina sq Chapter-2 to cut my hair.. upon reaching there, i decided to do hair treatment.. i loved the hair treatment man.. all the photos i took that day, i love my hair more than anything lor. but after i reached home and bathe, i came out and "wtf" its gone. =(
treatments cant last.. once u wash, it doesnt look the same anymore.

dawn had her hair cut and hair dye.. her colours are pretty much the same as the last time, and i think it looks good.

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get what i mean?

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ange and nat accompanied us.

we took neoprints, but i havent got the neoprints to post up yet.. trying to get it k?

sisterz stayed over at my house, and i had triple washing to do, cause they wore my clothes.. and i had to clean my room, see, im so good, i let them sleep my bed, k? while i slept on the floor.. hehes.. but we had many laughters. our dear nat was also trying to be a dejay lorhs. -.-"

today woke up extremely late for work. ws knocked out. and my boss called my hp at 7am. i went "oh shit.. i faster go down now." i pia cab down and manage to reach there at 7.50am even when there was a trafficjam there lorhs. =) its a good thing my hasir did not have a parting for my to comb, it was just purely using my hand to brush it =D

after work, i came home and them got bath to go out in search of some hair products.. ot to IMM and bought my long awaiting Fasio Mascara =) my L'reol one is screwed up. anyway, bought hair mask and hair serum, lets hope it helps.
i would really love a good hair day..

tomorrow should try heading down to chinatown and look for shampoo and conditioner.

sigh^ mum is leaving tomorrow. no one to iron the clothes le. =X


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