Saturday, April 22, 2006

quiz fr kx

Name 20 ppl you can think of right now at the top of yr head.
Dont read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 20 ppl.ok tag at least 5 ppl..
Ready? Start!

  1. kexin
  2. cheryl khoo
  3. anson
  4. dawn
  5. natalie
  6. meiqian
  7. irene teo
  8. stanley
  9. bing long
  10. kah kian
  11. jun wei
  12. si chyi
  13. angela
  14. jonathan
  15. hui xin (bAoc)
  16. Edmund
  17. Charles Ryan
  18. Ronald
  19. mr lee
  20. yusliza

The 5 people: Anson, meiqian, stanley, dawn, junwei
So these are the questions.

1. How did you meet 14?
Prefectorial Board when i was in Sec2. my Discipline Head.

2. What would you do if you've never met 1?
continue thinking that she hates/dislikes me?

3. What would you do if 20 and 9 dated?
Binglong and Yusliza???
wahahahaha.. impossible. i know my hao xiong di too well.

4. Did you ever like 19?
yarh.. i ever liked him and i still like him now! he's great.... best teacher.

5. Would 6 and 17 make a good couple?
hmmm.. maybe~ but Charles is far too tall for meiqian lar.. haha..
but mei qian is cute enough for charles kor kor.

6. Describe 3.
cute, friendly, crazy, nice to chat with and great voice.

7. Do you think 8 is attractive?
hmm.. yarhs. if not i wouldnt have liked him in the past. and there wouldnt be so many girls chasing after him. hahaha...

8. Tell me something about 7.
she's pretty, smart, photoshop pro, creative, great cousin and blessed with her bf.

9. Do you know any of 12's family?
yarhs... seen his dad before.

10. What's 8's favourite?
ehx.. bu zhi dao lehs. let me see.... emily? =X

11. What would you do if 18 just confessed he/she likes you?
wahahaha.. feel sweet. but he is my hao xiong di *initial answer censored*

12. What language does 15 speak?
Human language... =/

13. Who is 9 going out with?

14. How old is 16 now?
uh oh.... i not sure lehs.. he still searving army.. going to ORD soon.

15. When's the last time you talked to 13?
talk would be since last sat. sms would be just this morning.

16. What is 2's favourite band/singer?
i dont know!! hahaha.. hope she tells me if she's reading this.

17. Would you ever date 4?
yarhs... when all nice guys die on earth.

18. Would you ever date 7?
same ans as que 17, but i would choose dawn first.

19. Is 15 single?
i think she is. but she is really a nice girl to chat with. fun!!

20. What is 10's last name?

21. Would you ever be in a serious relationship with 11?
wahahaha.... wo bu zhi dao!! i just got to know him recently. maybe~
iyohs, the only thing i know is he's name!! i dont even know where he stays, his surname, what course he's studying and whether he's single lorhs!

22. What school does 3 go to?

23. Where does 6 live?
Jurong west?

24. What's your fav thing about 5?
shes a very good sister! known her since sec1 so she knows my secrets and my stupidity actions.

25. Have you seen number 1 naked?
NO!!! wahahahahaha......
i wish i can~ =p


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