Saturday, April 22, 2006

Anson's blog

Woke up in the late morning twice cause there were some idiots who called my house twice! lao niang sleeping lehs.. then i couldnt find my house phone, so i didnt bother about it. covered my ears and went back to sleep.

then dawn sms me and told me 1pm at her house. -.-" Natalie Lim wanted to bake cookies and Dawn Aik wanted me to transfer her mp3 over to her laptop. took my time and only went out at 2pm. =) dont care~ but i am not so bad larhs, i brought over my photoshop CS2 to her house, and helped her install into her laptop. See, im nice too~

bake cookies and had my dinner at her house. this is the first time sia.. cause her dad cooked! nice nice nice.... hees.

tell you guys something.

i love anson!
hahaha.. cause i love scaring her.
the first time i did it was when she sms me y i wasnt at the sports day.
then i called her and blame her for not asking me in the first place. haha..
and i just scare her again.
i told her i was going to kill her.
seriously, i think i was. cause she set her blog with pw, and i have no idea whats it. i tried all sorts of weird pw.. but cannot lehs.
and if i cant key in the pw, i cant continue to use my IE cause my Ie is something like firefox. so i have to close all my IE windows then i re-open all my websites, in order to continue to use. idiot... hai si wo.
but nvm. now i know the pw le =))

list down 7 qualities of my perfect lover[list the gender too]

and tag another seven bloggers to do this.

here goes:gender : boy

> romantic
> sense of secure
> understands my closeness towards my friends (esp guy frens, i know my limits.)
> Clean look and fit
> cannot be too sticky with me, independent.
> know what things to do at the right time.
> must get along with my girl friends.

>Irene Teo
>anyone who wans to do, inform me.


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