Saturday, April 22, 2006

CCA fiesta

Today's np CCA fiesta.. it was pretty cool cause we there were lots of booth and we had unlimited choice of what cca we want to go for the trials.
met up with chyi, xuan and jac. my dear ah chyi decided to follow her school of science, in the end couldnt get away from them to join us! haha.. bo bian.. had to stay in school till 430pm to pei her go and makan.
Finally got my np ezlink le.. cool~ my bus stamp journey begins man.. anyway, all my cards that has a photo, are all the same. all taken during sec3. REUSE! lols..

met up with bing long to go down KAP Mcd to makan.. so tired and shagged.

got home, my brother told me to cook dinner for him becuase he having exams. -.- siao.. of course i reject then faster go and bath le. when i came out, i freaked out when i saw the LARGE amount of flies (those attracted to lights) flying at my living room lights. i yell out loud, then chiong to my room. my room also kanna lorhs.. i and brother had to switch off the whole house lights then walk around with our torch. couldnt help, but tell my brother "ehs.. i bring you out to eat larhs.." lols! went out of the house and we saw even more flies at the corridors and along the way to the outside road. brought him to eat nasi lemak at the 400+ market. haha.. he very amazed by how cheap its selling lorhs.

then he insisted on buying the desert, so we faster buy then walk home le.. suprisingly, when we reached home. there were no longer any flies along the pathway, at the corridors or in my house! weird~ dunno where they went, but its so dumb. we actually got chased outta house by flies! arghs~

watched the 9pm show. then went online. HAISH!! i shouldnt have gone into np MEL webbie.. damn.

had to print SO many notes for this coming week's first lesson. taking 6modules. and one of them is microecons and POA. something that i know what im going to go about doing. haha.. the amout i printed, make my heart ache like siao lehs... MY PAPER... MY INK~~~~~ i wish i can buy the course notes, which would be cheaper and more worthwhile lorhs.. at least no need to waste time and dl. very messy lehs.. i see until blur.

hui xin very smart lehs.. she manage to find the whole student list of BS which includes their TB class number! wahahaha... i think my class got 15 students. and my class is 30. the thing now is, there are only 31 classes! that also means, i am the last second class -.-


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