Sunday, April 23, 2006


spend the whole of last night watching tv till 4am. =/ partly also because my brother was watching the movie king kong on his laptop then i was going in and out of his room disturbing him. tsk tsk.
i was pretty busy last night before i could watch my tv. this is because, all my seniors in np are trying to get rid of their books! haha.. i dont even know what books i need to buy.. then they already come and find me. >.<>

lets see... this semester im taking
  • POA
  • MacroEcons
  • Bis Com App
  • Bis Management
  • written Bis com

so if anyone is selling their books. drop me an email at . leave your name and contact number and what books you are selling, along with the edition number. also must state the price you are selling lehs.. if not i will be blur de. i will contact you guys by this week about the buying of books.

if you want me to help u promote your books, also can email me. i will ask my friends if they want to buy anot. PLEASE do not sell me books that are older than the previous version. one edition older nvm, but not more than 2! Notes i should be buying them bahs.. heard that buying is cheaper.. what do you all think? *shrugs* email me and tell me can?

lessons starting tml le, sian sia... later dad is driving me to westmall to see the hps. i've got a feeling that he is going to buy me a lousy one. please lorhs.. want buy must buy a good one that can last. if not its pointless.

remember, i told you guys that i went dawn's house to bake cookies. damn the cookies, i think ive grown fatter!! hahaha.. no larhs. just that i ate that for my snack last night in front of the tv. and i am eating them now for my teabreak. =/ the choco chips are yummy. but the amt of FLOUR and SUGAR is amazing.. Ewwwww.... i need exercising.


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