Thursday, April 27, 2006

Magnum Force

oh.. im back from Magnum Force training - cheerleading..
it was very fun to be lifted so high ! =/
scary is scary larhs.. shake is got shake lar.. but got a man zhu gan when im at the top and thrown down. =))

although its fun, but to join it, u gotta really be dedicated in it cause the training is 3times a week. and until quite late mahs.. im pretty afriad it will affect my studies. so i probably think of sticking back to vb. alot of people told me that i should learn something new (yarh, i agree) so maybe next tue will be going to see the ball-room dancing cca. see hows it. probably i will learn how to dance next time. WOW... in heels!

came home very late. 11pm liddat.. tired lehs.. *yawns* my homeworks.. sob*

was thinking of friday go back to hyss before my lesson in the late afternoon. collect Os cert then talk to mr lee.. wonder if he's free.. hmmm..

books are so expensive in poly.. luckily only one book per subject. if not i seriously will be broke.


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