Tuesday, April 25, 2006

the beginning of school

oOooo..... miss me? wondering how im doing in school?
lalala.. not bad. week 1 is pretty relaxing. and i spent most of my time using my laptop during lectures. no tutorial and workshop mahs.. so i only go to sch 2-3 hrs a day nia.
started studying POA. and i've got a feeling i wont like it that much. but i will try my best. afterall my goal is to get into the top percentage of BS. =) but i think i really like the module BM. its pretty easy to understand with e.g that i see everyday in my daily life.

today i took a cab home. arghs~ not that im late or tired. but my books were VERY heavy. i bought the BM book. then davina sold me her POA and BCA books. so i had 3 very thick books! plus my laptop.. =/ bo bian, i dont want to drop my laptop of what lorhs.. so i took a cab home.

slept my way till 3pm then woke up and get ready to meet yingxuan.
had my dinner then went to volleyball trial in np. EHhhhh.. it was okay. but the pace was quite slow as they had to teach the other new ones the skills. i and yx was chatting away with another 2 Jintai sec volleyballers. lols... as the night got later....... till 8pm. we all started becoming the mosquitoe's dinner. wtf, we kanna everywhere lorhs! hand, leg and neck!! poor yx's neck was the worst. my hand mosquito markings were bad too... =(
ive figured that most probably we didnt move around enough. sigh... this thurs must pull meiqian along to suffer with us. =D

lifes pretty tiring le.. im so sleepy now too! =/


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