Monday, April 3, 2006

the blur madey

i think i am getting more and more wu long - blur.

case 1:

last friday after i went out with dawn and chyi. i came home and took out my contact lens and put it into the casing. on sunday when i wanna wear it on again, i cannot find the casing. i went "Ma, omg, i cannot find my contact lens." for a moment, i thought i forgotten to take it out of my eyes. lols.. but after thinking for so long, i still cannot recall where i left the casing. =/ bo bian, open a new set of colour contacts. brown again. but darker de. =)

case 2:

being a very nice daughter, i decided to help my mum wash the clothes since she's out for mahjong. then after washing the clothes in the washing machine, i had to transfer to the other section of the washing machine to spin dry. and this section after u put the clothes right, u must put this plastic round thing to push/squeeze all the clothes down, in order to obtain the maximum effect of dryness. apparently, i cant find it anywhere. i looked around the washing machine and around the toilet and around the kitchen, but still no sign of it.
"heck man." .. i took all the clothes and throw into the drying section, hoping to find the plastic round thing under the section where the washing was done. eventually, nothing was found under the pile of clothes. =(
"heck arh..." ... i just spin dry the clothes and took out to hang.
this is the part, guess where i found the plastic thing?
UNDER THE PILE OF DRIED CLOTHES! what the hell, i didnt see it in the spin dry section when i throw the clothes in lorhs. -.-" i think im blind. hahahas..

case 3:

on sat, i and my brother wanted to make seaweed for part of our dinner. and he was in charge of cutting the onion, while i mix the sesame oil and oyster sauce plus etc. then after mixing with the seaweed, the seaweed was tasteless. so we continued with adding vinegar and light sauce plus lots of weird sauce lar... hahaha.. just as we were about to give up in mixing more sauce, i discovered i forgot to add 1/4 spoon of sugar!! wahahahaha.. and after adding, it tasted just fine. =X gosh, dont blame me, i was too excited in mixing.. hahahas..


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