Sunday, April 2, 2006

About Nat

i wanted to blog about my day at Ikea with Photos. but photobucket is down. =( so i shall save it till next time.

As for now, i wanna blog about my d.a.m.N sister, Nat. recently she's been accused for stealing her good friend's handphone. according to her blog and some eye witness, Nat cant possibly be the one who stole his handphone. anyway, i think he should not even suspect his good friend when there are so many evidence that it is not her. he do have the right to confront her, but please dont tell me he dont trust the eyes of others. someone have to bear the responsibility of this stolen handphone, but he cant just push the blame to one person. how about those who sat near his bag? and the one who helped him put the wallet back into the bag? and those who were lingering around the place?
nat have been my sister for years. i know she may have some bad impression on some people, and i cant say that she has not been a stealer before, but i "watched" her grow up and since the day she is retained in sec3, i believe she has changed for the better. with the bunch of "brothers" around her, i dont think she would do such a thing.
PLUS, who would tell the victim that i am going to use your handphone, and then go and steal it. and then later start chatting with the victim. wouldn't it be dumb?

school has been more open in allowing hp. but it is obvious that there would be more stealers in school. its disappointing that it is one of your SCHOOLMATES who stole it. but who cant it blame? like what teachers always say "who ask you to bring the hp? and then not take care of it?" *sigh*

this responsibility should not be Nat carrying it alone. he is partly responsible too.. just because he need to ans to his mum, that doesnt mean that he should be accused.

on a case that happened last year. 2 girls from my class lost quite a large sum of money. but the both of them did not blame my class monitor for not locking the door, or did they blame or accuse anyone in the class, cause they know that all of us were innocent. they did not also ask us to fork out the money to return them.
at the end, OM helped to track down the stealer and the exact amount of money was returned.
although in this case of Nat, the guy cant report to OM. but i think he should really think carefully whose fault was it in the first place.

i dont want to be too involve. but i just hope the stealer would get his retribution. esp the one who stole/took my hp.


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