Thursday, March 30, 2006

my room

Im maid-less now. sigh^ please dont blame me in future if i dont wake up in time to meet you guys, cause im a deep sleeper.
spent $18 that day to buy this CHAO JI QU DI DA SHENG alarm clock.. wahaha.. i think that will scare me out of my deep sleep. =p

woke up in the morning to re-arrange my room. Gosh, super lots of DIRT (after many dust collected, it becomes dirt) then i shifted my table and bed. dad isnt happy the way i put my table cause its no longer facing the window =x but my table now is much smaller cause i inherited my brother's computer table. but after shifting around everything, my room definitly looks much bigger and i think now can play mahjong in my room sia.. wahahaha.. -> my dad's idea.

after a long day of shifting around the furnitute, i went down for a short run then headed back home to take a nice shower. slacked around my house. and yes, im home alone. my brother and mum went out for dinner. i am so lazy. lazy to change.. and lazy to makeup. wahahaha..


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