Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sister's wedding

Finally my blog is done. there were some prolems with the blogger server a few days ago, and my blog was affected, so some people couldnt view it. but i hope now everything is fine. anyway, thanks for everyone's comments. i'll keep improving on it de. =)

ytd was my sister's wedding. and i was the bridesmaid. wah lau.. the ang bao hard to earn sia.. her gown's tail was very mafan.. =/

in the morning, woke up at 6am to have my makeup and hair done. ta-da... the pics.

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i personally like the hair verry much. it had colour on, and glitters.

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the makeup was very thick and thus, my face now is having some pimples popping out. =X

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didnt have chance to take pics of my sister cause she was busy and i was busy too..
but we had a photographer who captured many photos but they will noly be with us after 5 weeks............ Lets wait.

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the other "jie mei" in the kitchen preparing the "torture" foods for the brothers later outside the door. lols..

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wasabi with chilli and pepper..

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bittergourd and lime. cause its Suan Tian Ku La. and my sister's husband dont like vege!! haha..

i didnt manage to be outside the door seeing them torture the brothers but heard that my sis husband only ate half the bittergourd. i was inside the room with my sister. hees..
we froze the room key in ice but they smashed the ice and got the key -.-" then my sis husband was ask to say a poem with my sis chinese name inside. wah lau ehs.. damn rou mah.. then i and my sis keep laughing..
after he came in, he unveiled my sister and kissed her =)

had to rush here and there while they had the tea ceremony then we went down to the husband house le. on the way out to the room from my house carpark, another bridal car came by. lala.. another couple getting married. then we had the bride's car, the sister's car and the brother's car. the photographer was in the brother's car so he kept unwinding the windows and taking the pics of the sisters and the bride and groom.

after all the morning stuff, went down to the church and had the church wedding ceremony.
shall cut things short lar.. as usual, had the dinner and then i and my mum and dad stayed over in the hotel for the night. was so tired that i continued to sleep when i got home. the dinner only ended at about 11pm. was very suprise to see Clement the waiter who serve us for the food tasting to serve us for the bride and groom table ytd. his service is good and i guess he's about out age bahs.. my sister husband parents like Clement alot sia. so specially requested him. =P and thats how i knew his name lor!

now that my house no longer have people snatching the toilet and tv with me plus the computer and phone.. it kinda feels weird. and my sister is leaving for honeymoon too.. sob sob.. i hope i can get the pics soon.. so i can blog out the day's events. =)

gonna re-dye and cut my hair soon.. heard that jac just came back from korea so im looking forward to buying my lappie with her too!


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