Tuesday, March 14, 2006

first entry with Toxified

so... what u think of my new skin? seems abit messy now. shall adjust it when im free.
Now its blogging time.

okay.. let me ask u this, if u see a man in black sunglasses, holding 2-3 packets of tissue and then on another hand holding a black stick plus a RED plastic bag full of tissues, and then ringing a bell, what would u think he would be ?

for me, i think he is blind, selling tissue to make a living.

i noticed him stretching his legs in tiredness, then his hands started to fiddle near his jean's belt, and then i saw this~~
he looked at the damn watch!

wait! isnt he suppose to be blind?

seriously, i started to notice him even more. and i figured that he may not be blind because i caught him looking directly in the direction of a guy buying a packet of tissue from him. -.-" i also found out that his head wonders around, as if he is looking around at people. he doesnt look down and..... i just feel he is NOT blind.

but i cant blame him afterall, cause he did not state anywhere that he is blind and selling the tissues for a living.

anyway, had church rehersal today for my sister's wedding. damn, ive gotta walk a straight line down the red carpet. infront of me is a little boy holding the ring pillow and behind is my sister and dad, y am i at the center?! -.-" the bestman is not even walking with me lor.. -.- Gees.. i cant walk gracefully lar~~

heard of the game "Sudoku" ??
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Yeaps! im playing it. its easy lor... not as hard as i thought it would be. hehe..

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got my NP enrollment package le. wth, so many forms! somemore different colours.
where do i start?? and i have too many alternative to pay my school fees lor..

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LOOK! Dip in BS.

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A is W/o financial grants. and B is With financial grants. See the diff amt of school fees ive got to pay with and w/o the grants?

Sigh.. my Mum's pocket is gonna have a one big hole. =/


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