Monday, March 20, 2006

my long break

Im feeling so lazy this week cause im only working for two days .. lols.. after falling sick for the whole of last week and having a high fever on thurs and fri, ive decided to rest this week.
as for today, i went out for dinner with my family, including my jie fu lor.. for the first time we ate japanese food cos my sis usually dont like jap food. so for today, she just ordered all the cooked food lar.. super oily lor.. we ate ordering till we had TOOO much food on the table. =/
after eating, we had some shopping spring at marina sq then went home le..

currently watching campus superstar results.. wee!! Zhi Yang rocks man.. he got 35.5.. thats simply amazing.. hahaha.. personally, i dont like renfred.. arghs~ he dont have that voice lor! just a rich kid bahs.


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