Thursday, March 9, 2006


Today is off day for me.. so its the day im slacking at home.. wanted to do my blog, but im half-lazy. =/ hahaha..

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this is SK neckace.. pretty? Dad bought this for me to wear on my sister's wedding. and its part of my O level result present.

Had shopping spring that day.. and this are the earrings by mini-bits. they were having half price storewide.

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due to my lost of handphones, ive recieved some sms le.. thanks, ive saved ur numbers. and about my appeal, i really do hope i can get in to tourism too.. but if i dont, its okay le.. since i know is my comb.humanities which led me to business. perhaps, i will also like business one day. =)

blog ltr bahs.. going to watch my dvd, THE MAID. lols.


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