Tuesday, March 7, 2006

my mood havent been good recently due to one of my -friend-. was very fed-up and decided not to talk to -friend- .. almost blew my top off too.
then im having some problems here and there, and i just feel that my whole room is messy, but i cant seem to know how to pack !!
anyway, dont piss me off, cause im really not in good mood nowadays.

TOO lazy to blog a full length story. lets see...
ive got my hp line back, using my sister phone now. so sms me your number with your name. esp adeline, i wanted to contact u again!! but i dont have ur number anymore.
submitted the appeal form. so just pray for me, yea?
sisters wedding is on next freaking sat!! damn. so near.. and so soon shes gone from my home. and so soon, my mum will be leaving. *crys*

hmmm... arhs!!!!! dont know wad to blog le lar!


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